Danny Brown Fans Start A Petition To Allow Rapper Into Canada

New Petition Suggests Race Me Be A Factor In Danny Brown’s Denied Entry Into Canada

(AllHipHop News) Danny Brown had to cancel two recent shows in Canada after he was denied entry into the country. Some of his fans have started a petition on activism.com to get the Detroit rapper permission to enter the country for future shows The creators of the petition accuse the Canadian government of “fighting a war on the arts” and suggest race may play a factor in the situation.

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The petition reads in part:

This is a petition to the Canadian Customs/Government to allow Danny Brown, culturally-significant hip-hop artist from Detroit, MI into the country to perform. He has been denied entry both before AND after filing AND PAYING FOR all necessary paperwork for such.

Danny Brown is of significant cultural importance within the music community, and has many, many fans of his work in this country. He is not a significant threat to the security of our nation, and i feel that his entry denial is unfair, biased, and potentially racially motivated.

Brown was heading out with Action Bronson for the “2 High To Die Tour,” but only Bronson was able to make the Edmonton, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia stops. According to Hip Hop Canada, Brown, along with A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q and Hopsin, were denied entry into the country last year as well.

Pitchfork is reporting that representatives for Brown are working to see that the “ODB” performer is able to make his upcoming October dates in Toronto and Montreal.

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