Former College B-Ball Star Decensae White Testifies He Took Part In Rapper Lil Phat's Murder (VIDEO)


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(AllHipHop News) The murder trial for slain rapper Lil Phat has shifted in a major way once again. Now suspect Decensae White has testified on behalf of the prosecution in the case, admitting he and four other defendants were directly involved in Phat’s killing.

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Lil Phat (born Melvin  Vernell III) was gunned down in the parking lot of Atlanta’s Northside Hospital on June 7, 2012. White stated he had been tracking Phat’s car using a GPS device provided to him by ex-Russian mafia member Mani Chulpayev.

The prosecution believes this was all to take revenge on Phat for stealing marijuana from White and alleged Bloods gang leader Gary “Eldorado Red” Bradford. White also implicated Maurice Dewayne Conner and Deandre Washington in the murder. According to authorities, Conner and Washington were the gunmen paid to shoot Phat.

White gave an account of the moments leading up to Phat’s death inside Northside’s parking deck.

“We see that [Phat’s] car is there. We circle around the parking deck and then exited the parking deck. Red gets on the phone with Conner, and tells him to stay there and, ‘Do you see the car?’ He said, ‘Yes,'” White told Fulton County Prosecutor Gabe Banks. “That’s when Red was saying, ‘Gun his ass or kill him right there basically.”

White goes on to testify that he did not believe Phat would be killed at the hospital, but Red apparently said that the rapper should be murdered right there “mob style,” meaning his death would be about principle, not recovering any money.

In White’s mind that principle meant, “Respect for being a drug dealing gang banger.”

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Watch portions of Decensae White’s testimony below via Hip Hop Enquirer.