DJ Envy Calls Out DJ Drama For Being A Fake Friend


(AllHipHop News) A recent Breakfast Club interview featuring DJ Drama went from the typical promo Q&A to an open conversation about friendship and loyalty when co-host DJ Envy addressed his issues with Dram.

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About 12 and half minutes into the interview fellow BC host Charlamagne Tha God asked Envy why he was being “shady” toward Drama.

Envy explains he felt slighted by Drama for not reaching out to him when he decided not to work on a Breakfast Club mixtape.

“I hear Dram said he can’t do the tape, cause if Dram do the tape another radio station won’t play his record. I’m like, Damn, my n***a can’t even call me and tell me,” said Envy. “F**k them n***as. I don’t give a f**k about the politics of the music s**t. That’s my n***a for a long time.”

He adds, “That ain’t a friendly type of individual. That ain’t my friend. That ain’t somebody that I f**ks with. That’s a n***a I don’t f**k with.”

Drama replied by trying to explain how he was pulled between supporting the different radio stations in the New York area.

“I was in a very awkward position and situation in this New York radio station situation,” said Drama. “I was put in the position, on a lot of sides, where I felt like I was caught in the middle where I didn’t want to be, and it became awkward for me.”

Drama further explained how he was banned at rival Hot 97 at one point, and was worried about burning bridges with the station. He did apologize to Envy for not calling him about cancelling the mixtape, and they resolved their issues.

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Watch the interview below.