DJ Yella Talks N.W.A Breakup, Biopic & Eazy-E’s Death


(AllHipHop News) Original N.W.A member DJ Yella has a lot of inside knowledge about the legendary group’s history. The 46-year-old producer spoke with Montreality about several topics related to N***az Wit Attitudes including their breakup, the upcoming biopic being produced by Ice Cube, and the death of Eazy-E.

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On N.W.A’s breakup:

When the group broke up we were number one on the charts. I’d never heard – to this day – I don’t know personally of a group that broke up at number one. They break up when they’re last or not selling, but we broke up at number one. I don’t think it… it might have just been too big to keep that group together. It was too perfect. So, it was just meant to be. Cube left, then Dre left, then that was it. Once we finished mixing the Niggaz4Life album the group was over. People didn’t know that, but the group was over then.

On the N.W.A movie:

It should be coming out 2015. Right now they’re casting, so they should be shooting very soon. I don’t know when, but I would say close to summer. I will be a consultant on the set, and everybody’s putting in their input on the story. Everybody said their own parts about the story.

On Eazy-E’s death:

I don’t talk about [Eazy-E HIV conspiracy theories], because I don’t know nothing about it. I just stayed away. I don’t know what happened. I went to go see E at the hospital. It was the day that they announced that he had it, but when I went and seen him he was already in a coma, so he couldn’t talk or anything. They had gave him medicine so he couldn’t move. I didn’t really get to say what I wanted to say. I had seen him that January, a few months ahead of time.

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Watch DJ Yella’s full interview below.