EXCLUSIVE: Afrika Bambaataa REFUTES Stabbing, Turns 56 Today

Hip-Hop Legend Afrika Bambaataa Recovering From Stabbing, Celebrates Birthday Today

(AllHipHop News) Afrika Bambaataa, Hip-Hop Legend and music pioneer, was reportedly stabbed a few weeks back.

Members of the Zulu Nation have clarified that Afrika Bambaataa has recovered and also dispel rumors related to this event.

Ahmad Henderson, Africa Bambaataa’s manager, who was at the hospital, refuted the notion that he was stabbed.

“Ridiculous. There are too many rumors. Bam checked into the hospital for chest pains. And he came out fine. Three days later he was Radio City Music Hall. If he was stabbed how, was he on stage performing?”

“Afrika Bambaataa was not stabbed so we do not know where this is coming from,” added Mickey Bentson of The Mighty Zulu Nation, who was also at the hospital when Bam was treated.

“Yes he did go to the hospital because of chest pains bothering him and everything checked out alright,” Mickey Benston continued. “So when did he get stabbed? That’s a rumor, sorry that didn’t happen to Afrika Bambaataa.”

Ernie Paniccioli, Hip-Hop Photographer, refuted the claim that the stabbing was the rumored response to a date rape.

Earlier, The Star & Buc Wild Show alleged on air that the stabbing stemmed from a rumored date rape, in which Bam had drugged a man and attempted oral sex.

In the rumor, the man woke up and stabbed the legend.

Ernie Paniccioli told AllHipHop.com this is patently false.

“It is BS,” Paniccioli said, “to hell with anyone who defames a man who has devoted his life to Peace and dignity and who has been a beacon to generations of our youth.”

Brother Ernie goes further, suggesting that this attack on Afrika Bambaataa’s character may be in response to members of the Zulu Nation recently condemning Rick Ross for his date rape lyrics on UOENO .

Brother Ernie warns, “Never underestimate the Devil.”

Afrika Bambaataa is one of the pioneers of break beat deejaying and has spent his life spreading Hip-Hop throughout the world as the founder of the Universal Zulu Nation.

Although Wikipedia lists his birthday as April 19th, sources say his actual birthday is April 17th, he turns 56 today.

Brother Ernie continues, “I have know Bam for 35 years on this Earth and can vouch for him as a man, as a human being and as a mighty leader and yes even as an Icon. I will defend him with every breath I have in me. I can bear witness to his spirit and his warmth and his leadership.”

Check out Afrika Bambaataa at Radio City Music Hall below: