EXCLUSIVE: Chevy Woods Talks Throwing Up While Smoking With Wiz Khalifa, Mixtape With Black Rob + MORE (VIDEO)


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(AllHipHop News) Taylor Gang or Die..or just throw up your ice cream. During our EXCLUSIVE interview with Taylor Gang’s Chevy Woods, the Pittsburgh rapper discusses throwing up while taking marijuana dabs, raps unreleased lyrics from his upcoming EP and more.

There is enough video evidence to prove that Wiz Khalifa smokes enough marijuana to knock out a few wildlife animals, so partaking in that with him should be met with caution. On July 17th, 2013, The Under The Influence tour kicked off in San Francisco. According to Chevy, it was then that his experience with hash oil variant known as “dabs” led to projectile vomiting:

We were in San Fran on the Under The Influence tour last year. It was like the first time I did dabs. I ate some ice cream and 10 minutes later I start coughing and the ice cream came up. It wasn’t one of those everywhere type…it just shot out into the toilet and I just thought some body part came out.

Taylor Gang’s Chevy Woods grew up in Pittsburgh but had an affinity for the street tales of Black Rob. Woods explains that Rob’s 1999 Bad Boy Records debut Life Story was “speaking on what I was seeing out of my window at the time” and would love to do an entire mixtape with the veteran MC:

I’ve been a fan of Black Rob. I say this in every interview just so it can be played and he can see it. Wherever he is, let’s get it. We can make a whole mixtape, but I’m a b######## Rob fan.

Check out the second part of AllHipHop’s EXCLUSIVE interview with Chevy Woods below:

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