EXCLUSIVE: Crazy Legs Talks Red Bull BC One, Evolution Of B-Boy Battle + More


(AllHipHop News) For over 35 years, Richard Colon has been Steady as a Rock and Crazy with the Legs. In our EXCLUSIVE interview with one of the pioneers of the B-Boy culture, Crazy Legs details the history of Red Bull BC One dance competition, the changes in b-boy battling and more.

In 2004, Crazy Legs signed an endorsement deal with Red Bull and has hosted the company’s annual dance competition, BC One, numerous times since 2005. MTV/Sirius XM personality Sway Calloway will host the upcoming 2014 Red Bull BC One National Finals, but Crazy Legs explains that as structured as BC One is, the inherent improvisation of B-Boy usually leads to unexpected occurrences with international ramifications:

Because you have so many fans of what is going on, it’s almost like the cheering is staged, but it’s not. The people get REALLY hyped. Yeah, come on, you got people throwing themselves around. Young brothers contorting their body and doing acrobatic things. Sometimes they do things they don’t plan out and it’s surprising to them as well as the audience. They’re like ‘Oh sh*t, this kid just did some crazy new things that people probably will be biting all around the world.

Crazy Legs has been B-Boying for over 37 years and in a 2007 interview with One Cypher, explained that his “one criticism” of modern day B-Boy scene is that “some of them do not know how to dance.” In our interview, Legs broke down how organic, spontaneous and impartial the B-Boy culture was back in the 70’s and 80’s:

Back in the day, the way I sought most of my battle out were, say I heard you live 20 blocks away and you’re hanging out in front of your building all of the time with your boys or whoever. I know you the hot new b-boy or something like that, that’s battling out there and I’m trying to come up, I would find out who you are, where you live, really know what you look like. I’d roll up to your crib in front of your building, like ‘yo, you b-boy grey shirt.’ You’d be like ‘yeah, why?’ I’d be like ‘you want to battle?’ We’d go at it right there on the concrete.

The Red Bull BC One National Finals will be live streamed from The Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, NV on AllHipHop on Friday (August 15th) at 9 P.M. PST. One B-Boy will be chosen to represent North America in the Red Bull BC One World Finals on November 29th.

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