EXCLUSIVE: Dame Grease Reveals Amalgam Digital Stops Max B-Themed Clothing, Cites Copyright Infringement

EXCLUSIVE: Dame Grease Reveals Amalgam Digital Stops Max B-Themed Clothing, Cites Copyright Infringement

(AllHipHop News) Dame Grease exclusively reveals to AllHipHop that Amalgam Digital has put out a court order to prevent the release of the Max B-themed clothing he was going to release with CKDOUT.

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According to the prolific producer, Amalgam Digital believes the Max B-themed clothing line is infringing on the company’s copyright. It came as a surprise to Grease, whom was under the impression that Amalgam’s merchandise license had expired:

“I remembered the first album deal they did with Max. They did three albums and the merchandising [license] was for them albums. But I guess Max did another deal with them. The only reason I did the [Max B Wave Gang clothing venture] was because Max said he needed some cash. Person like me is a hustler so I go and try and help him get some cash to take care of his kids.”

Max signed with Amalgam Digital in mid-2008. Since his signing, Amalgam Digital has released his collaborative project with Young Riot A Wave Called Yes, Public Domain 3: Domain Pain and his debut album Vigilante Season. However, no new Max B material has been released by the label since 2011. Dame spoke with Amalgam Digital’s CEO, Anyextee (DJ Next) about the issue and believes the label has plans on releasing more work from Max B:

 “I’m sure they will [release Max B material]. Me, with the four years he’s been locked, I put out the Wave Gang tapes to keep his music alive. Keep his name in the streets. I have not made a dime off of any of it. [Laughs].”

While Amalgam has prevented this venture it has attempted to allocate merchandising funds to Max B while incarcerated. In December of 2012, Amalgam Digital teamed up with streetwear line Deadline and released “Free Max B” raglan tees. The proceeds went to Max B’s commissary. The “Free Max B” tees are still available at Deadline’s online shop.

All is not lost as Dame still owns the Wave Gang company therefore the Wave Gang clothing are still available on CKDOUT’s official site, sans the items bearing Max B’s image.

Wave Gang 6 is also still slated to be released and according to Dame is the final installment in the Wave Gang series.