Exclusive: Floyd Mayweather Reveals New Business Ventures


(AllHipHop News) With Floyd Mayweather’s boxing career likely coming to a close on his own terms in the next couple of years, the man known as “Money” has been busy expanding his portfolio to ensure that he’s never reliant on a singular revenue stream. The Money Team has expanded beyond a boxing promotion as TMT has seen success in the clothing realm. Obviously, big business has always been on Mayweather’s mind and the pound for pound king revealed some of his new ventures and in an exclusive with AllHipHop.com

“I believe in investing in people that have been loyal to me,” Mayweather says over the phone while in Los Angeles. For him, that loyalty includes an emotional investment that his team makes that is imperative to his success.

Everyone in The Money Team must bring something to the table aside from their job description.  That something is motivation, success and positivity. With positivity comes success. And with success comes longevity. These are the things that Mayweather preaches to TMT.

“I look at the people around me and I try to encourage them,” he continues while explaining that everyone on TMT must add to his desire to be the smartest fighter outside the ring.  Using his success as an example, he wants his team to understand that the sky is the limit unless they make their limit the sky.

“I send a mass text every day to my bodyguards that says you can’t just be a big body that alleviates problems. I tell my right hand man (Philthy Rich Records CEO) P. Reala that even though he’s doing music, he has to be an executive producer. I’m always thinking about business.”

Considering the position that Mayweather is in financially and the appreciation he has for those around him, it has become important that he supports his team just as they supported him before his major fights and assist in allowing their dreams to come to fruition.

While it is true that Mayweather employs some of the most beautiful women that a human being can feast their eyes upon, don’t think that they are there simply as eye candy. Melissia Brim, the mother of Mayweather’s daughter Iyanna, is opening a boutique in Las Vegas later this year while Josie Harris, the mother of Floyd’s other three children, has started a baby shower goodie bag service called Nappiesaks. Mayweather is an investor in both. With Mayweather Films preparing to launch soon and the always-present Philthy Rich Records still in business, Mayweather tells AllHipHop exclusively about his latest foray into the cosmetic world with a partnership alongside his longtime masseuse.

Doralie Medina has spent the last four years traveling the world alongside the champion as Mayweather’s personal massage therapist. And anyone who has every spent a few hours sparring would know, stretching is imperative to the body. Although Medina spends an almost incomprehensible amount of time with The Money Team, the Los Angeles born beauty has been working on a project of her own. And after Mayweather found out that Medina had saved roughly $600,000 on her own to start a cosmetic line, the pound for pound champion decided that it was time to invest some of his own money.

“She’s put a lot of money away and constantly reading books on success so I’m proud of her,” Mayweather says about his $100,000 investment in BadMedina Cosmetics while explaining that he’s more interested in his team acquiring success instead of fame. “She’s about success and longevity rather than reality TV, walking red carpets or hanging out at the club all night. I preach for everyone on my team to be an ambitious entrepreneur. For four years she has wanted to do a makeup line so the time is now.”

Mayweather revealed that Bad Medina would launch later this year beginning with lip-gloss before branching off into a full-blown cosmetic line.

Floyd Mayweather 3“Floyd appreciated that I didn’t come to him and did it myself first,” Medina says. “I didn’t want to tell him what I was doing. I just wanted him to see it when it was done. I wanted to show him I had saved my money and was taking this very seriously.”

But any thought that this venture will interfere with Medina retaining her position as Mayweather’s masseuse for his upcoming May 3rd fight against an as-yet-announced opponent are immediately put to rest.

“He knows how loyal I am,” she says about her role and being on call 24-7. “But he still wants me to work on my project, do interviews and host events with him. Since we’re going to be partners, everywhere I go he will be. I’m more shocked than anyone that he’s interested in this. I’m very blessed.”

As for Mayweather, this is yet another step in setting himself up for life after boxing. While many boxers talk legacy in the ring, Mayweather is clear that none of it means anything if you retire broke.

“I want to be known as one of the smartest boxers outside of the ring,” Mayweather says. “I believe in taking risks with my own money and I’ve already made millions with TMT. Like I said before, it’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter.”