EXCLUSIVE: James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond Sentenced To Life; Official Statement


(AllHipHop News) Former Hip-Hop mogul James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond was sentenced to life in prison today (October 25, 2013) in Brooklyn federal court, for heading up the “Rosemond Organization,” which prosecutors said shipped hundreds of kilograms of cocaine to New York via several overnight courier services.

Prosecutors said Rosemond, 48, laundered millions of dollars of drug proceeds on the West Coast and through his New York based management company Czar Entertainment, which once managed popular artists like Game, Brandy, Sean Kingston and others.

In June of 2012, Rosemond was convicted of 13 charges against him, including running a Continuous Criminal Enterprise (CCE) from 2007-2010.

“My Resilience and determination will overcome all adversity and history will vindicate and be kinder to me,” Jimmy Henchman told AllHipHop.com in a statement released today by his publicist, Sibrena Stowe de Fernandez.

During Rosemond’s two-week trial, a number of former employees and former associates testified against him, including director Lee Daniels’ sister’s husband Henry “Black” Butler, who was provided Rosemond with the majority of his cocaine.

Butler, who is a high-ranking member of The Rolling 60’s Crips, helped Rosemond perfect the method of shipping hundreds of kilos of cocaine, which were sent to New York in crates meant for shipping music equipment.

The crates were picked up by runners, or employees of Czar Entertainment, some who took the stand to testify against their former boss.

Rosemond’s statement was brief, because the former rap mogul is facing a murder charge related to the murder of Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher, who was gunned down in the Bronx in September of 2009.

Lodi Mack had served almost two years in prison for striking Rosemond’s young son, James Rosemond Jr. at the height of a violent feud between Czar Entertainment, which managed Game and 50 Cent’s G-Unit.

Rosemond is slated to go on trial for the murder next month.

Check out the full statement from James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond’s publicist Sibrena Stowe de Fernandez:

Today’s life sentence of music mogul, James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond for disheartening for several reasons and it’s unfortunate that Mr. Rosemond was unable to make an official statement because of the appellate process that he must go through and another case that he’ll soon battle.

For those of us who got to know Jimmy for who he is, know a great man who started from the bottom who helped and encouraged those around him to do the right thing. Many of us are surprised by the “person” the prosecutors described in the court room, but it isn’t the Jimmy Rosemond that his friends and family know.

Unfortunately, the persona that have been depicted in the press in the past, has created a persona in which I am not familiar with and unfortunately it has effected his ability to have a fair chance in the entertainment industry and among consumers and fans of certain media outlets and entertainment. The enemies he has accrued over the years within the media have been able to create the image of a person that they wanted to create without facts being checked.

Jimmy has managed and at times supported talented performers who’ve created hit records and songs including; Groove theory, Salt & Pepper, Gucci Mane, The Game and other musicians and actors. The on the job training and work opportunities that he gave countless people from interns, lawyers and employees many of whom are still in the entertainment business to date and who helped shape today’s entertainment industry.

When former employee, Tony Martin -who later testified against Jimmy was let go from Universal Music Group as a non paid intern he (Martin) asked Jimmy for a job. Jimmy took Mr. Martin under the wing and taught him the business of music and eventually earned over $100k a year, according to Mr. Rosemond. When Jimmy was wanted by the federal authorities, it was Tony Martin who assisted in Jimmy Rosemonds’ arrest and testified against Jimmy Rosemond as well.

Accountant John Dash who through his own illegal acts got arrested, was told that there was an interest in James Rosemond, he too testified that all of Rosemond’s cash and income came from illegal proceeds. But what wasn’t proven by Jimmy’s attorney was the fact that entertainment manager who have touring acts often receive cash payments.

The rest of the hanger-ons, opportunist and users who testified, they also were offered agreements by prosecutors. They are either expecting an early release from prison or is have already been released and are able to live and work as free men.

Jimmy Rosemond was known to employ the less fortunate to provide a gainful entertainment opportunities but some wanted to be like Jimmy. His favorite saying was “If someone like Barry Hankerson or Shakim and Kedar didn’t look out for me I would be no where, so I have to look out for someone also.” He was giving back to what was given to him. A trait that all successful moguls should practice.

What is concerning is to witness with my own eyes that anyone can be put away for the rest of his life based on hearsay and non credible individuals. Our prayers should be with Jimmy Rosemond and his family. His only remarks after the sentencing was, “My Resilience and determination will overcome all adversity and history will vindicate and be kinder to me.”

Mr. Rosemond is seeking a new trial because not only because of what he considers a fabricated evidence but also because he believes his attorney Gerald Shargel did a terrible job in consulting and representing him. His new legal team is confident that things will work in his favor and he apologizes to all that have felt he let them down.

Best Regards,
Sibrena Stowe de Fernandez, Pop Culture Expert
LaChic Media, President