EXCLUSIVE: Jay Electronica Was Going To Bring Out Chuck D To Call Out Peter Rosenberg At Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Jay Electronica Was Going To Bring Out Chuck D To “Call Out” Peter Rosenberg At Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (VIDEO)

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(AllHipHop News) Jay Electronica stunned the Hip Hop community when he brought up Jay Z for his Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival performance on July 12th. According to the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival’s Executive Director Wes Jackson in our EXCLUSIVE interview, Jay Electronica had another scheduled guest that would have incited a different type of media frenzy.

In the middle of June, Rosenberg engaged in a Twitter war with Public Enemy’s Chuck D and claimed he was a “Twitter troll” and that “no one elected you President of Hip Hop.” On July 3rd, Jay Electronica sent out a Twitter message (that has since been deleted) that stated Rosenberg owed Chuck D an apology and “we are gonna see to it that he gets it. Publicly.” Rosenberg gave that apology three days later on Hot 97, but according to Wes Jackson, Jay Electronica had a plan to get that apology one way or another:

You know who the other guest was supposed to be that Jay Electronica was going to bring out was Chuck D. He was going to call out [Peter] Rosenberg on that stage. Maybe Jay [Electronica] didn’t want me to say that but I know that was what they were working on, because he felt, Jay Electronica, you look at his tweets I think when he came up from rehearsing for the show he looked and saw Rosenberg going at Chuck D.

On January 13th, Outkast announced their return to performing with a scheduled 40-festivals tour. None of the dates on Outkast’s festival tour were for distinctly Hip Hop festivals and according to Jackson, Governor’s Ball locked up Outkast for the entire region:

I can understand the paper they were paying them were much longer than I can ever come up with. But, it’s like how you playing an EDM festival and not the Hip Hop festival and you’re a Hip Hop group? There’s this sense  of capitulation of like, ‘We rather be on Rolling Stone than AllHipHop. What? I get it on one level, but on another level it’s kind of shameful. That we are still…Black people have this sickness that we want to be accepted by MTV, Hot 97, Governor’s Ball, Coachella, Bonaroo. But they don’t love us.

Check out the THIRD and final part of AllHipHop’s EXCLUSIVE interview with Brooklyn Bodega below:

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