EXCLUSIVE: Jim Jones Talks Taking "Vamp Naps", Working With WakeUpNow + MORE (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News)

Jim Jones started his record label and movement Vampire Life on Halloween 2011 with the release of his mixtape  Vampire Life: We Own the Night. According to Jim, the term that has now spawned a full on marketing campaign started due to Jim’s similarities to the mythological creatures:

I’m a vampire. I drive fly cars. I live in nicehomes and we keep pretty ladies aroudn us. When you look at the vampire movies that’s pretty much what they do. I get a vamp nap in. I don’t know why people don’t think vampires don’t sleep. Look at a vampire movie. They sleep, everyday. Come out, every night. Motherf*cker.

Back in 2006, Jim Jones was given the title of President of A&R at Warner Brothers Records. In a 2009 video interview entitled “This Is Jim Jones” Jones stated he used the position as a “total promotional tool for the three years I was signed to them.” After being fired for poor performance five years ago, Jim admits in our interview that his immaturity played a factor in his dismissal.

Back in April, Jim Jones joined the Wake Up Now team to help inspire people to be “independent business owners.”  Jim admits that he doesnt “really know the whole scheme of things” and simply joined the company to help the people of his community:

I don’t know what exactly what the whole thing is about. I know people in my community started doing it and said they needed some leadership. The notoriety of what I do could actually help them. It’s not hurting me none and it can make me a dollar. I more or less did it for my comrades than for myself.

Check out the SECOND PART of our EXCLUSIVE interview with Jim Jones as he talks about his time as President of A&R at Warner Music Group, taking “vamp naps” and more below:


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