EXCLUSIVE: Katt Williams Explains Relationship with Suge Knight; Still Cool with Dipset and Freekey Zekey


(AllHipHop News) This week embattled and controversial comedian, Katt Williams spoke with AllHipHop.com in what’s proved to be his comeback interview after all the drama with the Target employee, the guns and his legal troubles.

During the brief but informative interview, Katt was seemingly in better spirits than all of his previous interviews with the media over the past few months and he actually opened up about his relationship with Suge Knight among other things.

In the interview Katt explained that he is friends with Suge and that he is in business with Suge, confirming rumors that Suge may have a role in managing or financing Katt.

“Well you know I didn’t realize that me knowing him  was going to be taken in all the different directions that it has been taken to.  We have business together, and number one I respect what he thinks musically first and foremost. I know from the things that I have been through and the entities that are mad at me, that your team is sometimes judged by your team,” Katt Williams explained to AllHipHop.com in an exclusive interview.  “I know that he has never done anything wrong to me, and he actually came through for me at a time when I didn’t think that anybody was going to step up and he did.”

While Katt recognized Suge’s similar controversial past, he said that his faith did not allow him to judge Suge Knight’s past, and thus led to their friendship and business dealings.

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“I’m not able to cover for anyone outside of myself. He’s a friend of mine because he is. If there is business to be discussed, then there will be business discussed. But I generally don’t put people under those ramifications, that’s not what my Christianity is about. I go right up to the devil and I go right up to our people, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see me with anybody.”

In addition to his relationship Suge, AllHipHop also spoke with Katt about his friendship and affiliation with Harlem based rap group Dipset, of which Katt is a known affiliate.

When asked if he was still cool with Dipset, Katt explained that he will always be cool with Dipset based on his brotherhood with Freekey Zekey, biological cousin of Cam’ron and founding member of Dipset.

“As far as I’m concerned, Freekey Zekey is my brother so between Freekey and Cam and Juelz, I support anything that they do good or bad, better or worse,” Katt said.

Katt is expected to hit the road again this summer and can be seen in this summer’s blockbuster flick, Scary Movie 5, which releases on April 12th and also features appearances from Mike Tyson, Snoop Dogg, Lil Duval, Mac Miller, Usher, Bow Wow and many others.