EXCLUSIVE: Katt Williams Returns with “Scary Movie 5”; Says, “I Want My Crown Back!”


(AllHipHop News) Today (April 4) famed comedian, Katt Williams, spoke with AllHipHop.com in what was a uniquely candid interview scheduled as part of Katt’s media rounds for this Summer’s highly publicized movie, Scary Movie 5.

Among other things Katt spoke about his return to comedy this Summer, his recent string of incidents that brought about a media frenzy, his friendship with controversial Hip-Hop mogul Suge Knight and the return of Dipset.

While its been a while since Katt hit the big screen, Katt said he enjoyed the time to shine in Scary Movie 5 and said that being a part of the film was a “no brainer.”

“It’s my first foray back onto the big screen,” Katt Williams said in an exclusive interview with AllHipHop.com. “You know a lot of times when you get one of these offers coming across the table it’s like you have to work your magic and make something out of nothing and this is actually one of those circumstances where it’s already $800 million in.  You know, it’s a true juggernaut and all of the people involved I respected. They sent me the list of people that they already had, so it was a no brainer and it was an opportunity for me to come in a shine a little.”

While Katt said he’s been taking a bit of a hiatus from the stand up comedy world, Katt says he will be back this Summer.

“Yea I’ve been not doing any actual live performances because I got fake promoters out there so I was letting them finish spinning their wheels out there, but this is definitely the ‘Summer of Katt Williams,’ I can promise that. They have talked him up again, yet again!” Katt said laughing.

In addition Katt weighed in on his name being brought up in the recent Twitter bout between fellow comedians Mike Epps and Kevin Hart.

“Well you know, first of all we have to understand that these are not two gentleman who are against one another, these are two friends, two guys inside the same peer group.  So you know it happened on a public forum but really it was a personal conversation with them, so it doesn’t – I don’t have a problem with Kevin Hart, I never have, simply because I am a fan of comedy and judge a person by what they bring comedically. He said I ‘flipped out,’ is what he said so I kind of take issue with just the notion that that’s going on.  But when people don’t have all of the circumstances, they aren’t able to rationally see whats going on and its presented however its presented.”

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While Katt said he has no problem with Kevin Hart, he let the world know he is making a comeback proclaiming, “I want my crown back!”

“If I am the king, then my crown is not supposed to be able to be worn by anybody else.  So now, that doesn’t mean that they not gonna try and put it on somebody’s head and walk him around and tell you that he is the king.  But, the crown won’t match and the crown is gonna be too heavy for baby boy.  So now all I say is, I want my crown back! The comedy Lord giveth and he taketh away,” Katt Williams said laughing.

“They gonna give the belt to whoever is standing there with their hand up, you know what I mean?  The Hip-Hop fans are smart enough to know that everything that they do, there is an agenda behind what they are doing, they’re really trying to sell something so it’s a joy for me to get back to just selling funny.”

In parting Katt apologized to fans and regretted that they were subject to his highly publicized trials and tribulations.

“Yea I been going through it, as a fan I’m sorry that my fans have actually had to go through it all, but sometimes when you call the hatred down on yourself sometimes it does rain kind of hard. The important part is that they know I am completely aware of the comedy situation and it’s landscape and I am coming to rectify it.”

Check the trailer below for Scary Movie 5 below, and check back tomorrow for another update from Katt as he elaborates on his relationship with Suge Knight and the return of Dipset!!!