EXCLUSIVE: Lil Bibby Talks Upcoming Jadakiss and J. Cole Collabs, Advice From David Banner + MORE (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Lil Bibby will be the first (or second, after Drake) to tell you that nothing was the same after he gained national attention for his “Water” track last year. The Chicago rapper spoke EXCLUSIVELY with AllHipHop about a potential collaboration with J. Cole, advice he received from David Banner and more.

The old Hip Hop adage, “more money, more problems” permeates every story of a young MC’s rise to fame and Bibby’s story is inextricable of this fact. Coming from the volatile streets of Chicago, Bibby explains how fame has made him paranoid about the people who approach him:

I got to sit behind the tints now. People were flagging the car down. Yeah, man. I got a lot of enemies, so I don’t know if they trying to do something to me or say what’s up. So, I sit behind the tints.

Bibby later attests that “friends and family get to acting different” and claims it is increasingly difficult for him to remain the same. A bit of enlightening advice from David Banner helped with his understanding of dealing with fame:

I was talking to David Banner and he told me, ‘Don’t go crazy. You got look at it like this: He said ‘you, your regular person and your rapper character are not the same people. You will go crazy trying to think that and trying to be the same person all the time. But, you just got to embrace it.’

Back in January, Bibby announced that Pusha T and Jadakiss may appear on the “Water” remix. Three months later, not only does Bibby reveal that he is still awaiting his verse from Jadakiss but states that J. Cole reached out for a collaboration and may appear on Bibby’s upcoming project The Book.

Check out PART TWO of AllHipHop’s interview with Lil Bibby below: