EXCLUSIVE: Lil Boosie Explains Why He Appeared On C-Murder’s Song + More (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Lil Boosie seems to be helpful to a fault. During our extensive interview with the recently freed MC this past Monday (March 10th), Boosie explained why he appeared on the controversial song with C-Murder entitled “Came 2 Da Can”, if he’ll ever do a concert performing an entire album and mor in our EXCLUSIVE interview.

Yesterday (March 11th), Master P stated it was “disappointing” to see Boosie appear on “Came 2 Da Can” which features C-Murder making disparaging remarks about P. Boosie was reserved and hesitated to divulge the full story of how his collaboration with C-Murder came about. However, he does reveal that the song was recorded after his release from prison:

We just made some music. It’s straight. He had a record he sent me and I got on it.

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A recent trend that has developed since Boosie was incarcerated in late 2009 was rappers performing their entire albums at concerts. In the last 5 years Common, Nas, Wu Tang Clan, GZA and many others have performed their classic albums and Boosie has stated that he has a lot of music he has never performed due to his lengthy incarceration. While revealing he is ready to perform he also divulges a new way in which he may develop his set list for shows:

Before I even went [to jail] I could do 20, 30 songs easy on the stage. So now, with this new catalogue I might do some mixing up. I might be calling the radio station before I go to that city. ‘What y’all want to hear?’ Because I have to give the fans what they want.

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