EXCLUSIVE: Lil' Cease Couldn't Meet Michael Jackson Because Notorious B.I.G. Didn't Trust MJ With Kids (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Lil’ Cease Couldn’t Meet Michael Jackson Because Notorious B.I.G. Didn’t Trust MJ With Kids (VIDEO)

“I’m supposed to meet MJ but I’m in the car rolling up weed.”

(AllHipHop News) The Notorious B.I.G. has brazenly spoken of his gang past and descriptively details murder plots like “rap’s Alfred Hitchcock.” However, even gangsta rappers have limits and apparently 16 year olds around accused child sex abusers was one of Biggie’s.

Junior M.A.F.I.A. member and best friend to Biggie Lil Cease appeared on Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal this past Friday (September 27th) and recalled the time the Notorious B.I.G. recorded his “This Time Around” collaboration with Michael Jackson for Jackson’s 1995 album HIStory. According to Cease, B.I.G. prevented the 16 year old rapper from entering the Los Angeles gated complex where the recording studio was because “he did not trust him around kids.” HIStory was the first album Michael Jackson would release after he was accused of child sex abuse in the summer of 1993.

Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal Hip Hop Improv Show occurs every Friday at 9pm at the UCB Theatre on East 3rd St and Avenue A in New York City’s Lower East Side neighborhood.

Check out Lil Cease’s story of Biggie stopping him from meeting his Michael Jackson and the UCB improvisers hilarious take on the story.

Video shot by Frsk Purple