EXCLUSIVE: Producer Reazy Renegade Discusses Ace Hood’s ‘Starvation’ Series; Announces Solo Production Career


(AllHipHop News) We The Best Music producer Reazy Renegade spoke with AllHipHop.com about his most recent work with long time label mate and collaborator, Ace Hood.

The pair created Ace Hood’s “Starvation” mixtape series, which has amassed over 1.5 million downloads between the three projects.

Reazy Renegade said his chemistry with Ace Hood what any producer could hope for.

“Growing together and wanting to give each other more and more each time, I feel like that’s where it brings us today. That chemistry, that’s every producer and artist wants. I feel like that’s what Ace and I got right now.”

The third installment of the “Starvation” series currently has over 400,000 downloads.

“I feel like with the ‘Starvation’ mixtapes, every time I want to do something different, but still keep it for Ace and make him grow. The process for those records is really just trying to be as creative as I can, without flying over people’s heads.”

Reazy also touched on DJ Khaled’s upcoming ‘We The Best’ mixtape that is set to be released soon.

He described the project as a “free album” that fans will appreciate.

“It will sound better than most people’s albums. When We the Best does something it’s never regular, it’s always on the upper echelon scale, the highest scale it could be. Just know that this is We the Best just basically giving people a free album. This is about to be some of the best music coming out this year.”

Check out the AllHipHop.com exclusive interview with Reazy Renegade below:

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