Exclusive: Scott Storch Talks Detox and Creating the Sound of the West with Dr.Dre

Super Producer Scott Storch Speaks on Creating West Coast Sound with Dr. Dre and More

(AllHipHop News) In the second part of our exclusive interview with super producer Scott Storch he speaks on his work with Dr.Dre on the legendary album 2001 and creating a signature sound for the West Coast.

“We spent some time together (Dr.Dre) making some records he’s got a collection, he probably has like 3 million records for that album, he has such a high standard for what he wants out of Detox.”

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He also touched on the popular sound the two created.

“Dre and I in 1999 created a cool sound, those ingredients [are] part of me, its something that we did collectively…its not something we have in common, we actually engineered that, created that sound, created the sound of the west.”

Storch also spoke of potentially working with 50 cent.

“50 he’s dope. For some reason we can’t make a bad record.”

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