Exclusive: Yo Gotti Speaks on New Album “I Am” + Sha Money XL Influence


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Yo Gotti spoke with AllHipHop.com about his new recording process during the New York preview of his upcoming album I Am.

A number of rappers turned up to support Yo Gotti, including A-Mafia, Chinx, Mysonne, rap moguls L.A. Reid and Sylvia Rhone and Epic Records’ A&R, Sha Money XL.

Sha Money, who cut his teeth with 50 Cent’s G-Unit empire, also held a spot at Island Def Jam as Vice President of A&R, before accepting his current role as Executive Vice President of Urban A&R at Epic Records in May.

Traditionally, the A&R position has not been held in high regards in some Hip-Hop circles, due to the creative control they often exercise over a project, which can lead to conflict, especially when sales are disappointing.

Sha Money XL
Sha Money XL

Sha Money, born Michael Clervoix, could be changing the negative perception that some artists have of an A&R person, according to Yo Gotti. Sha Money worked directly with the Memphis-based rapper for his Epic Records debut, I Am, which is due in stores on November 19.

“Working with Sha Money, I got a whole different picture on what an A&R is,” Yo Gotti explained. “It’s another teammate who will help you put it [an album] together, from sending me records and sending me beats that I would have never heard. It’s like another set of eyes, hands and ears that help you reach out to the people quicker and faster and have different inputs on the album.”

The first single from I Am produced the hit single “Act Rite” featuring CTE/Def Jam artist Young Jeezy and Compton-based rapper YG.

“The ‘Act Rite’ record I recorded out in LA. I went to Atlanta and played some records for Jeezy and let him hear it,” Yo Gotti revealed to AllHipHop.com. “He jumped on it and we put YG on it. shout out to the Bay area. We shot the video, no treatment or nothing. just popped up with the cameras live like that and captured the culture.”

Check out the exclusive interview with Yo Gotti below:

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