Flavor Flav’s Fiancee Overdoses; Rapper Dismisses Claims


(AllHipHop News) Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav has a new matter to concern himself with.

The revered hypeman’s fiancee was hospitalized yesterday after overdosing on pain killers, says unnamed sources with TMZ.

Liz Trujillo, the fiancee, also stars with the rapper on the news season of “Couples Therapy,” a show about people in committed relationships trying to do better. The source of the news is a higher up from the show, TMZ revealed.

Trujillo, 39, is also the mother of one of Flav’s many kids. She is presently in the hospital, where she was taken by an ambulance.

Flavor Flav has a storied history with Hip-Hop, reality shows and drugs.

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Flavor Flav release a statement stating she was hospitalized for exhaustion, not a drug overdose.