Former Death Row Engineer Talks 2Pac Relationships With Faith Evans & Mary J. Blige


(AllHipHop Rumors) Tupac Shakur was known to have many female friends throughout his life. There have also been rumors and innuendo the West Coast emcee was more than friends with several famous ladies. Former Death Row engineer Phil Brewster gave an interview recently where he spoke on two celebrity woman in particular – Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans.

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Speculation that Pac had sex with Evans, the former wife of The Notorious B.I.G., has been circulating since Pac made the claim on his classic diss track “Hit Em Up.” Brewster presents another story that 2Pac may have also slept with Blige who was closely tied to Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs and Bad Boy as well.

After being asked if Blige was ever involved with Suge Knight, Brewster says it was 2Pac and not the Death Row co-founder that was with the R&B singer. He adds:

I remember Mary J. came through, and we worked on one song. Then [she and 2Pac] went away into the office. Suge wasn’t in there. Kevin opened the door for them, and left them alone. We didn’t see them for a few hours. So they had alone time in Suge’s office.

On Evans, Brewster says:

I had heard that they had a thing. At the time I didn’t know any significance of it. I come from Punk Rock, Rock-&-Roll background, so as far as knowing what was going on within the Hip Hop community, I didn’t know. I didn’t know the significance of it, but I had heard that they had a thing. They’re two consenting adults. I mean, she was married to one of his biggest enemies at the time which seemed pretty strange.

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Listen to Phil Brewster’s interview below.