Fredro Starr Explains Fight With 50 Cent, Argues With Charlamagne Da God + MORE (VIDEO)

Fredro Starr Explains Fight With 50 Cent, Argues With Charlamagne Da God + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) When interviewing Onyx, do not be slick. During a recent interview, Fredro Starr got into an on-air argument with Charlamagne Da God, explained what transpired between him and 50 Cent at the 2003 Vibe Magazine Awards and more.

During the interview, Charlamagne Da God referenced a 2008 interview Starr had with C.O.D. Magazine in which he state that Brandy performed oral sex on him during his time on Moesha. Starr took offense to that stating “You bringing up the past. Lets move to the future.” When Starr referenced Charlamagne running from five men attempting to assault back in June 2012, Charlamagne countered with “50 [Cent] hit you too, right”, referencing 50 Cent and Starr’s physical altercation at the 2003 Vibe Awards’ rehearsals.

[Charlamagne- You talking about the Brandy thing?] Yeah, I’m talking about with that. [Charlamagne- What do you want me to do? You said it] I don’t want you to do anything. You going to do what you do. Y’all n*ggas ain’t play my record up here. [Charlamagne- “I ain’t heard a record.”] You dont need to, n*gga.

Back in 2003, during rehearsals for the Vibe Magazine Awards, 50 Cent had a physical altercation. According to Starr, the beef started over 50 Cent not approving of Fredro Starr helping former rival Domination from securing a deal with Koch Records:

Jam Master Jay put both of us on from New York. Boom. Him and Domination had a problem. I got Domination some money at Koch Records. [50 Cent] had a problem with that. So, when I seen the n*gga, I ain’t even know it was a problem. N*gga swung on me, n*gga missed. Straight up. He can say what he want to say.

Check out Onyx’s full interview on The Breakfast Club below: