Hip-Hop Rumors: A Crazy T.I. Rumor, But…


I was about to say! There was something crazy going on with T.I., according to these rumors in these streets! Here is what they are saying:

Word on the street is  T.I.P is expecting another baby and it’s not with his wife Tiny. We all hear the stories and rumors of T.I.P  cheating with other women and how Tiny accepts his behavior and deals with it, probably because of her love, family  and because there is one thing she has that them other chic’s will never have- his last name!!! This particular situation is very interesting because people  have alleged  they’ve slept around before, but now it is alleged she is pregnant with T.I.’s baby!  But like I said it’s  a rumor… “Allegedly”…None other than Ms. Hanna Kang the GM of Grand Hustle. 

This just re-started this week or so. But, the crazy thing is, this rumor has been around for the longest AND its false. Hanna denied the rumor earlier this year and also still works for Grand Hustle. She’s running the show up that piece and there is nothing going on between her and Tip.

Its funny, because certain blogs are going buck wild over this rumor, because there have been rumors buzzing that Tip and Tiny had some marital issues. But, they were chillin’ very cozily over the Hip-Hop Awards weekend. So that’s that.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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