Hip-Hop Rumors: Ain’t NO Rapper Trying To Fight But They Did!


Last month, Gucci Mane issued a challenge to all rappers and said he would do a fight for charity. Gucci Gut? Yep. Gucci wanted to get in the ring and box with somebody. Basically, NAH. Most people assumed that Gucci was high as an alien kite and really didn’t mean it. At the time he tweeted: “I’m challenging any rapper friend or foe in the ring to a boxing match. Put yo money up. Who got hands not raps. Who wants the challenge. All Deez P*ssy a** rappers. The proceeds from the ring will go to charities. You scary a** Rappers. For them millions I’ll fight King Kong.” RIGHT. The Game responded and some others. Nothing happened. So, out of the blue, yesterday…

Anyway, here is the deal.

Nobody wants to fight. Nobody is going to fight. AllHipHop’s Chuck Creekmur is a fight enthusiast and has been trying for years to get rappers and rapper affiliates in the ring and nothing has happened. LOL! Seriously, earlier this year, the dude that tried to get Chris Brown and Drake in the ring also tried to get The Game and 40 Glocc in the ring. Nothing. Then, 40 ended up suing and The Game challenges a dude he knows is mad soft in the middle region. LOL! Pause!!!!!!!!! Seriously, Gucci looks three months pregnant, b.

But that wasn’t always the case. Remember this dude?

Willie D of the Geto Boys knocked out Grand Master Melle Mel in a Hip-Hop Boxing Match.

Also, this dude:

Freddie Foxxx also knocked out a bunch of now unknown rappers at the same celebrity Hip-Hop boxing match. Rappers don’t do that anymore. They were made of STEEL….mostly. Now, cotton candy.  This is what changed everything…thanks Sticky Fingaz! When Sticky Fingaz of Onyx lost on MTV…it was a WRAP! Maybe they can get it back!

Anyway, Murs is the real deal though. I promise you! His challenge is coming from the heart and the knuckles. I know for a FACT he’s been in training and is already consulting people in the event that Gucci thinks he wants to fight this living legend. YUP…Murs. He’s serious! More later. But get at me if your ant to fight…lol…I’ll get beat up for charity. You know, as long as I get a cut. PPV. Me and Mike Tyson.

Speaking of, check out this cheesy song by Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince “I Think I Cam Beat Mike Tyson.”

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