Hip-Hop Rumors: BEEF ALERT! Guess Who's Going At It Now!


Soooooooo….I spotted this over at Funk Flex’s site and ignored it…until now. (Basically, somebody implored me to write about it.)

It looks like Travis Scott (Kid Cudi, G.O.O.D. Music) has some serious issues with the homey MGK. The Foxtail Fest happened right in Delaware and I wasn’t there. SMH! But, there was some beef on the barbie that day. Trav continually dissed MGK for using the term “rager,” which is seemingly Kid Cudi’s thing.

A fan named Kendall wrote the following:

He saw a girl with a “RAGERS” shirt and was like yo there’s only two real ragers out there, me and Cudi. Cudi’s the greatest, y’all like Cudi? And we’re just like f**k that we’re not at a Cudi show. We’re about MGK right now. He tried to get us chanting his name but we were chanting MGK instead and he goes “f### that fa***t s**t” and after Kells was subtweeting him. It was messed up.

Read what Marisa at IFWT said:

Travi$ Scott asks the crowd to take a photo, and a majority of them throw their "L's" up for MGK. Seems like he blurred that part out!

On Saturday night, both Machine Gun Kelly and Travi$ Scott played at the first annual Foxtail Fest in Wilmington, DE. Trav’s set was right before MGK’s (who headlined the show), and he appeared to be a little annoyed that the crowd were majority MGK fans…judging by his statements on stage, anyway. Upon seeing a group of kids in the front row with shirts that read “MGK,” “Ragers” and “Lace Up,” Travi$ proceeded to tell the audience that the only two “real ragers” in the game were himself and Kid Cudi. As the audience started yelling out “Cleveland” (MGK’s hometown), Travi$ mentioned that Cudi was from Cleveland, and asked the crowd if they liked him. They started chanting “MGK” and “Lace Up,” and he eventually yelled “F*ck that f###*t sh*t” before launching into a chant of “XX” and then going into the next song.

Kells really didn’t feed into it. He said the following:

MGK's tweet after the show

Some of the performances are below.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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