Hip-Hop Rumors: Big Meech Coming Home?


At first I thought Big Meech was coming home, but there is something else happening. If you know about BMF, then you know about “The White House.” The White House is owned by Demetrius Edward Flenory aka Big Meech of BMF, who the Feds say is an infamous drug dealer. BUT, I should say WAS the owner, because I am hearing that it has recently been sold to Atlanta Attorney, Catherine G.  McCauley. McCauley ALLEGEDLY had a very cool relationship with Meech back in the day and this purchase is raising some eyebrows. Its getting some people to believe that the big homie Meech may be coming home and this is the set up. The White House was close to being turned over to the government, but my sources say this lawyer got it! Its a beautiful space, valued at about $358,000.

Maybe she’s setting up for Meechie’s return!?! Or just now owns a dope home. Literally!

Meech's House (front)