Hip-Hop Rumors: Bone Thugs And Wu Tang?


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Hmmmmmmm…this is something I never thought of in recent history, but semi, sorta make sense now that the cat is semi, sorta out of the bag. Seems like Krazyzie Bone has started a rumor that there may be some sort of of Wu Tang/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony album in the works. Seems like he posted something online about it and even gave a comment to VIBE magazine. Here is what he said.

“Man, we have never had the opportunity to connect and do something with Wu-Tang, but I’m good friends with RZA and Method. The other cats I haven’t got to hang out with as much. Met Raekwon a couple of times. He’s cool. Met Ghostface, but you know—every time I talk to RZA and Meth, we talk about doing something. It’s long overdue. It’s just getting everyone’s schedules together and actually making it happen. We’ve talked about it. Everybody is down. I have ideas, because it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’d like to start off with a Bone and Wu cypher—get everybody warmed up and just kill it. That’d be crazy.”

Clearly, Krayzie Bone is hype and on Instagram, he said: This Really Needs To Happen ASAP!!!!!”

Will it happen? That seems to be a tall order considering Wu Tang can’t even crank out their own group album. But, I will just stay positive and see.



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