Hip-Hop Rumors: Fans In The Netherlands Very Upset With Meek Mill!


Uh Oh! Meek Mill is getting some pretty bad viral attention on Twitter and other social networks. Here is what I am getting from what I am seeing. Correct me if I am wrong, I don’t mind. Meek is touring and the tickets were quite pricey, but he (like others) offered a VIP package that would allow fans to meet him backstage at a show in the Netherlands. But, when they got there, they were reportedly charged an additional 100 euros to take pictures with the rap star. Now, from here, the Twitter spilled over into the world of Necole Bitchie, the famous blogger. Seems like she took up the plight of the fans and got into a twitter beef with Meek. She has also published fan letters from those that felt Rick Ross dissed them. She’s like Captain Save-A-Fan. She can save me any day. Anyway, Meek took to the internets like he is well known to do, but things kinda got out of control.

This is what Necole Bitchie posted on her site:

“Hi Necole Bitchie I am a girl from the Netherlands and I am in shock. Yesterday was Meek Mill concert in Amsterdam 22-03-2013.

And I wanna tell you something I paid 75 euros for VIP tickets.

Me and my girlfriends met Meek Mill and he asked us for 100 euros [about $130] to take a picture with him.

Then we said we don’t have money too pay, then Meek Mill said NO MONEY NO PICTURE!!!

I didn’t believe it, he was so cruel. I am no longer a fan of him and very disappointed.”


In order to help the situation, Meek seemingly offered to pay for everybody’s drinks!


Who do you believe? What do you think?

Oh yeah…What happened to Cassidy? Damn, I thought he was going start going all “Tupac” on MMG.

Cassidy RAID

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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