Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Hip-Hop Corrupting Justing Beiber? Akon Wants To Mentor The Beebz?


Justin Beiber may be heading to the dark side too soon in his young career. The Beebz may have people worried and Hip-Hop may be to blame, some folks seems to be saying. I got a bit of a tip that I really didn’t care about until this Akon story came along and then “wa-la” rumor. Seriously, it seems that insiders are worried that Justin Beiber may be hanging out with the wrong people and those people are influencing him to do stuff like smoke weed. Now, depending on your views, weed is no big deal. But, think about it, Beiber is a pop star with no peer (yet). He used to be seemingly very religious but more recently has been dogged in the public. But the weed stuff was the lil twist that got everybody in a tizzy.

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So they are concerned.

Then there is Akon, who has volunteered to mentor the guy (for some points on the next album I bet!).

“I gotta talk to Justin. I didn’t know he was smoking. That’s my little man. Hopefully, I’ll make an impact. He’s a responsible kid,” Akon told TMZ.
An impact? An impact like this, Kon?

SORRY, I HAD TO! Remember when Akon tossed that fan from the stage for throwing something at him from the crowd?
I think Akon is a good dude, for real and will do a good job if the boy wonder talks to him.

For the record, I think the Beebz may be corrupting Hip-Hop! Check out this recent clip of him busting Tupac and Biggie raps!

Dude’s high school principal FLEW to him to make sure he was doing his actual school work. Damn. Screw life.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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