Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z’s Working On New Solo Album


Jay-Z is the master of relevance! And he’s on the way back, I’m hearing. Now, this should come as no surprise. But, with his success with Kanye and other ventures, its almost like he never left. But that BP3 album was actually quite a while ago in Hip-Hop dog years. From what I have been hearing, Jay is using this tour with Justin Timberlake to set up the new album. I would have expected him to drop it before a major tour but Jay knows what Jay is doing. As for the music, I heard Jay is talking greasy again! I guess he can afford to do that, since he’s still on the court as a starter. Lots of new bucks coming in the game. Apparently, he’s recorded with one of them already. I’ll tip that off to you in a bit, but its great news. Hip-Hop Lives! All sorts of colorful flavorings going on.

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