Hip-Hop Rumors: Mayweather’s Next Opponent Will Be…


Floyd Mayweather basically destroyed the boy Canelo last month, if you were on a vacation in the Bermuda Triangle. So, now everybody is looking to see who Floyd is going to fight now. Well, well, what do we have here?

According to KnockoutNation.com, Money May might be looking to fight Amir Khan. Peep:

Some signs were pointing to the rumors that Amir Khan would be Mayweather’s next opponent that surfaced earlier this week. A report from the Daily Mail by Jeff Powell in Britain suggested that Khan and Mayweather would meet in the ring on May 3, 2014 in Las Vegas and expected to rake in $6 million.
The report picked up steam due to the fact that Amir Khan’s December 7 showdown with Devon Alexander has hit a few speed bumps and the deal for the fight hadn’t been finalized. Rather than risk a huge bout with Mayweather, the story suggests that Khan will focus on training for the next seven months with Virgil Hunter in San Francisco to prepare for the biggest fight of his career.

But. there is more to this story…and it may not happen. Click here for that.