Hip-Hop Rumors: Rihanna / Ciara Beef Takes A Strange Turn


So, I have not said a lot about it, but Ciara and Rihanna have spiraled back into beef. I didn’t really know they had beef before. I think it started with an interview Ciara did and she slighted Rihanna before she was a powerhouse. Anyway, that’s cool and all that, but recently they have engaged in a cat fight.

Now, the other day Ciara posted a video of herself performing her new song and RiRi’s best friend clowned it and posted the following pic of them laughing at it.

Melissa Rihanna 500x504 Twitter Beef: Rihannas BFF, Melissa, Disses Ciara

Then CiCi tried to take the high road, mostly I suspect because she cannot win in the low road regions.

Ciara Tweet Twitter Beef: Rihannas BFF, Melissa, Disses Ciara

Now people are asking CiCi what the deal is.

Here is interview Ciara recently did:

If you can’t get it, don’t stress. She basically said she don’t really know where the beef comes from. She said she thought they were cool and that she saw her last about two year ago in New York.

I don’t know where this beef started, but its been funny many times.

RiRi Cray Cray

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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