Hip-Hop Rumors: Will They Cancel American Idol? And Guess Who They Will Blame?


Keeping it real, I have not watched American Idol one time this season. I used to watch it from beginning to end. Then, I’d watch just the trials and foolishness. But, this year….nada. I think I am part of the problem that the show is experiencing. Even though the added the busty Mariah (who reportedly had a freaking DOUBLE NIP SLIP recently) and the bootiyful Nicki Minaj (who treated us all to her thongy backside on V-Day) ratings for American Idol are at an all time American low. Why? This is the third week in a row that the ratings have gone down. IT has sparked rumors that the show may get nixed. Some also speculate that they may be blaming Nicki for the decline. Not sure the reasoning behind that, but somebody has to take the rap. Why not the rapper?

What they want Nicki to do, Playboy?

Illseed, Out.


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