Jay-Z Talks Collab Album W/ Beyonce, Dame Dash, Obama Texts + More

Jay-Z Talks Collab Album W/ Beyonce, Dame Dash, Obama Texts + More

(AllHipHop News) Jay-Z has not done a radio interview in over two years but decided to stop by his good friend Angie Martinez’s show on Hot 97 to discuss everything from Magna Carta Holy Grail to Blue Ivy’s rhythm and more.

According to Jay-Z, the innovative promotion for Magna Carta Holy Grail will not stop with The White Stripes guitarist Jack White providing a limited edition vinyl for the song “Open Letter”. The vinyl will be shaped as a card and able to be played as vinyl. He also reveals that he will release video footage of studio sessions for his new album, including the recording of “BBC” which he says consisted of all the featured artists in the studio at the same time.

When asked if it was really him tweeting to fans during yesterday’s impromptu Q&A on Twitter, the 17 year veteran coyly responded “C’mon, who else can come up with that stuff?”

The most revelatory information in the interview revolved around two collaboration albums Jay-Z has been linked to, Watch The Throne 2 with Kanye West and a Best of Both Worlds album with his wife Beyonce. In regards to bringing back the Best of Both Worlds series this time with Beyonce, Hov flatly denied it will ever happen and alluded to the failed R. Kelly version as a reason why by simply stating, “No way. You saw how that one ended.”

In regards to the follow up to his successful Watch The Throne album with Kanye, one half of The Throne stuttered through his initial response before saying there will be another Watch The Throne album “hopefully”.

Check out the full interview below after a few interesting additional notes from the interview:

Jay-Z on the news

“It’s strange to see everybody’s agenda. CNN is like TMZ.”

Jay-Z on Obama during 2nd Election

“When he was getting elected the second time he was like ‘Hey, fourth quarter, just give me the ball.”

Jay-Z Hot 97 Interview Pt 1:

Jay-Z Hot 97 Interview Pt 2: