Jay Z's Controversial Barney's Collection Revealed, No-Shows Racial Profiling Hearing


(AllHipHop News) Jay Z’s much discussed “A New Holiday” collection with Barneys was released online and in stores yesterday (November 20th).

The collection featured expensive items such as a $695 cashmere mask, $875 Black, python brim Brooklyn hat and  a $33,900 gold Hublot watch. The hefty price tag may not be having an adverse effect on sales as The New York Daily News reported a 21 year old NYU student named Andrew Davey purchased $3,000 worth of merchandise from the BNY NYC SCC line.


Yesterday was also the day of the City Council hearing on the probing of the racial profiling allegations. Jay Z, nor anyone from Barneys and Macy’s attended the hearing but instead had statements denying allegations. The NYC Commission on Human Rights announced at the hearing that the group has given Barneys as well as 16 other retail stores until Friday (November 22nd) to provide the pertinent information for this investigation. The information requested includes loss prevention policies; procedures for approaching and detaining individuals suspected of theft; records regarding all individuals accused of theft in the past two years; and what, if any presence, NYPD officers have in the retail locations.

City Council member Jumaane Williams was disgusted by the absences:

I’m offended that Barneys New York and Macy’s is not here. I think it’s insulting, not just to the City Council, but to the City of New York and the people who shop there

Last week (November 15th) Jay Z announced in a statement on his Life+Times website that he was given “a leadership role and seat on a council specifically convened to deal with the issue of racial profiling” as a condition to him continuing his partnership at Barneys.