Jay Z’s Sports Agent Competitors Suggest He Uses Unethical Practices


(AllHipHop News) Jay Z’s meteoric rise as a sports agent has others in the industry complaining about his practices. Does Roc Nation Sport’s competition have legitimate complaints? Or are they just feeling the heat as Jay continues to pull in high-profile athletes like Robinson Cano, Kevin Durant, CC Sabathia, and Victor Cruz?

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Forbes published excerpts from a recent Marquette Sports Law Review titled “Jay Z Has 99 Problems, And Being A Sports Agent May Be One.” The article lays out some of the grievances other agencies have expressed both publicly and behind closed doors.

Most of the complaints are just speculation. For example, they question whether Jay is guilty of tortious interference by attempting to “poach” athletes already signed to other agents and not disclosing that communication. The article suggests that rivals like Scott Boras (Cano’s former agent) and Rob Pelinka (Durant’s former agent) could sue Jay for interfering with a contractual relationship.

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The piece goes on to question whether Jay violated players’ associations’ regulations by signing clients before being officially certified. It later points out other agent’s concerns that the Hip Hop mogul has engaged in unethical behavior.

“Jay Z is by no means the only agent to raise such suspicion, but due to his worldwide fame, the suspicion surrounding him quickly becomes headline news,” states the article. “Whether Jay Z’s actions are actually a violation of any code of ethics is not necessarily clear, but some of his actions definitely have agents, media, and others complaining of unfair play.”

What is at this point just innuendo and suspicion has not stopped Jay and Roc Nation Sports from continuing to add major players to its growing roster. The agency recently signed New York Giants’ Hakeem Nicks.

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