Jeezy Says He Doesn't Know What The Illuminati Is, Talks Def Jam Problems + More (VIDEO)

Jeezy Says He Doesn’t Know What The Illuminati Is, Talks Def Jam Problems + More (VIDEO)

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(AllHipHop News) Either the Illuminati have one of those Men In Black mind erasers or Jeezy is out of the loop. During a recent interview, Jeezy addressed rumors of his affiliation with the Illuminati following his Seen It All album cover, problems with Def Jam and more.

Back in November 2013, Jeezy sent a message to his personal Twitter account threatening to leak his new album if “Def Jam don’t get it right.” On his song “Me Ok”, Jeezy, whom is also the Senior V&P at Atlantic Records, rapped “might just drop my next album on Atlantic. Before stating that his album “was getting released even without a release date” in his interview with Power 99’s Mina SayWhat, Jeezy explains why he publicly voiced his displeasure with Def Jam:

At the time, I felt like they weren’t seeing my vision. It’s jus tlike a girl. Def Jam is a great building, a lot of things changed, but I became frustrated with the situation. But, I’m a businessman so I had to put that out there. But, it’s like my girl, ‘you keep playing I’m going to get me another chick.

Jeezy’s cover art for Seen It All contains a shield surrounding the eye in the pyramid that is commonly seen on the back of the dollar bill. Jeezy immediately dismisses Illuminati references:

Do not get art and creativity confused with ignorance. I am a hard working, God fearing man. I have no idea what an Illuminati is. Really [I] dont give a damn because it has nothing to do with me.

Check out Jeezy address Illuminati rumors, his problems with Def Jam and more below:

Jeezy on Illuminati rumors

Jeezy on Def Jam problems