Jim Jones Talks Infamous Ma$e Phone Argument, Dame Dash, Ray Rice Assault Video + MORE (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Feelings, the #1 leading cause of social media outbursts. During a recent interview, Jim Jones explains why he engaged in a social media tirade on Dame Dash, shares his thoughts on the recent Ray Rice assault video leak and more.

Back in July  2004, Ma$e attempted his first comeback to rap and during an interview with Hot 97 engaged in an on-air argument with Jim Jones. While appearing on Ebro in the Morning, Jim explains that his youth was to blame for the screaming match with Ma$e:

I was young and still heavily running in the streets so my temper was a little bit different. I had no chill button. Right now I got like a 3/4 of a chill button.

The new Zen-like Jim Jones turned off his chill button three weeks ago when he referred to longtime friend and business associate Dame Dash as “the real culture vulture” on his personal Instagram account. After laughing off allegations that his account was hacked during his diatribe on Dash, Jones vaguely explains the source of the rift between him and Dash:

He’s a very smart dude. Sometimes he’s too smart for his own good. That might be one of the problems but I don’t know that many people as smart as he is. He’s a real smart dude, I can’t take that away from him. But that has nothing to do with business sense and how I like to have my business run. But that’s a whole different situation.

Jim Jones also addressed the recent controversy surrounding Ray Rice’s assault video and stated that Ray Rice’s brand was “shot out of the sky” following the video’s release. While Jim admittedly does not want to “decipher what a person’s going through” in relation to Rice’s motives for striking his wife, the Dipset rapper shares Rice’s wife’s sentiments regarding the media’s inopportune time of releasing the video:

All we know is what we saw and what we saw he was  way out of pocket and that’s pretty much all I can see. I don’t know the in betweens, I don’t know what led up to that and God bless them. I hope they get through it. The media is a mothereffer. [The video] came out a few months later, right before his season, the real season started. They obviously got past it, because they got married.

Check out the full interview below: