Joe Budden: Ya'll Never Quote Any Of The N*ggas Y'all Call The Best

Joe Budden Says If You Can’t Quote Your Favorite MC Then He Can’t Be The Best

(AllHipHop News) Since the founding of Hip Hop, artists, fans, and the media have debated about which rapper is wearing the crown at that particular moment with everyone having their own criteria for determining the best in the game.

The outspoken Joe Budden took to Twitter recently to give his insight into what he feels should be the final judgement on who is sitting in the throne. According to Budden, the simple question that has to be answered is- Does the rapper have quotable lyrics?

Joe Budden


Budden will provide the opportunity for Hip Hop fans to possibly quote some of his lyrics after the New Jersey native’s BET Hip Hop Awards cypher with fellow Slaughterhouse members airs on October 15th.

The Mood Muzik emcee also announced in August that he will be dropping the Some Love Lost EP and All Love Lost LP in the near future.

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