Lil B Releases Kevin Durant Diss “F*ck KD” Music Video (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) The oddest rap beef of 2011 has no become the oddest rap beef of 2014. Today (March 8th), Lil B released the first music video diss response to Kevin Durant in their 3 year “Feud”, entitled “F*ck KD”.

In the video, Lil B is shown running around on the basketball court, shooting jump shots and all while explaining why he does not like Kevin Durant. At one point in the song he makes a startling proclamation and even throws Jay Z and Roc Nation Sports (Durant’s agency) into the mix:

He said that I’m wack? See me on the court/You won’t score on me if you talking about points/I love Roc Nation and I love Jay Z/But on the west side I’m screaming, ‘f*ck KD’

The beef started in January of 2011 when Kevin Durant accepted Lil B’s challenge for a one-on-one game. A few months later, took to his personal Twitter account and stated Lil B was wack and could not understand how he was still relevant:


Check out Lil B’s video for his Kevin Durant diss song, “F*ck KD” below: