Lil Reese Arrested Again: "I Got A Little Weed. So What?"

Lil Reese Arrested Once Again; This Time For Weed

(AllHipHop News) Chicago rapper Lil Reese was arrested once again over the weekend after police found 24 grams of marijuana on him. According to a police report Reese (Tavares Taylor) was stopped by officers after he was seen standing with what police called known gang members.

When officers approached the area where the young men were standing, Reese turned and began walking away and then allegedly pulled a bag with a green substance out of his pocket.

Reese was then searched by police and they found the weed and $2,090 in cash on his person. Officers asked the 20-year-old where the money came from and according to the report Reese responded with, “It’s mine, I got a little weed. So what?”

The close affiliate of Chief Keef then apparently went on to say, “There’s serious crime out there. This ain’t a big deal. I’m gangster.”

This makes the third arrest for Reese in the last 4 months. A few weeks ago he was arrested for misdemeanor theft for using false documentation to acquire a BMW, and in April he was charged with criminal trespass to a residence with persons present, mob action, and battery.

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Reese is currently being held in custody on $10,000 bail.