Lord Jamar Speaks On The Difference Between Macklemore & Eminem


(AllHipHop News) Lord Jamar has been very vocal about his opinions of white rappers. The Brand Nubian emcee has previously had a war of words with Yelawolf, and he has been an outspoken critic of Macklemore.

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Jamar speaks on Macklemore even further during another interview with VladTV. This time he addresses the Seattle performer’s 4 wins at this year’s Grammy Awards. According to Jamar, Mack didn’t deserve to take home the trophies that night.

“How the f**k are you going to circumvent the creators of the genre? I don’t know any black people that have Macklemore’s album. Not a one,” said Jamar. “What I know to be a true Hip Hop fan, or a Hip Hop enthusiast, or where Hip Hop truly comes from – nobody has a Macklemore album.”

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“We’re in a climate now where we have the Macklemores and the f**king Pu**ywolf and all these other motherf**kers, who black people have never heard of. Never heard one song. At least we heard Enimem songs before,” He continues. “They making money. And it’s no longer saying, ‘We have to come through the channels of real Hip Hop to be accepted.’ They’re like, ‘F**k y’all motherf**kers. I got all these white ass fans. I don’t need y’all black motherf**kers.'”

While Jamar takes artists like Macklemore and Yelawolf to task for what he feels is ignoring the black Hip Hop fanbase, he gives props to Eminem and his role in the culture.

“Eminem is a different kind of story. He came up worshiping black emcees. He was the first one that white people were able to look up to and worship,” explains Jamar. “But you gotta look at the altar he originally worshiped at. It was the altar of the black emcee. He did the study.”

Jamar adds, “putting in that time to do the knowledge to the history that you’re coming to. Eminem is one of those dudes. That’s why I can respect him.”

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Watch Lord Jamar’s interview below.