Lord Jamar & Star Discuss “The Gay Agenda”, Drake, & The Native Tongues


(AllHipHop News) In the latest installment of their conversation with DJ Vlad, Star and Lord Jamar discuss what they call the “gay agenda,” segments of Hip Hop no longer representing the “alpha male,” and how members of the Native Tongues collective paved the way for current rap trends.

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“Don’t promote the gay agenda as if it has more merit than the f**king Black Holocaust,” said Star. “I have no problems with gays. God bless you, but just remember the people that got you to this point were hosed, beaten, lynched, castrated, and set a blaze. Nothing, with the exception of the Jewish Holocaust, surpasses the Black struggle.”

“This Hip Hop s**t was made by masculine Black and Latino males. This is the alpha male s**t,” adds Jamar. “Not even the beta male, who they’re pushing at us now. Your Drakes, and your f**king Kendrick Lamars and all these softer type of dudes.”

According to Jamar, Drake would not have been as successful if he had started his career in the 1980’s and 1990’s. He acknowledges Drake can rap, but his tendency to sing would not have been appealing to Hip Hop fans of the era.

The conversation then turns to some of the Hip Hop acts from that time that did break out like De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest. Jamar contends that it was the music from those 80’s/90’s rap groups that paved the way for artists like Drake.

“That was an introduction to a more a nicer- that pulled a lot more white people in,” says Jamar. “They were the forefathers for a lot of these rappers now.”

When Vlad specifically asked if De La Soul were the forefathers to Drake, both Jamar and Star answered yes. “A Tribe Called Quest too,” said Jamar.

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Watch the interview below.