Mack Wilds (Michael from The Wire) Talks Roaches, Snoop + More (VIDEO)

Mack Wilds (Michael from The Wire) Talks Roaches, Snoop + More (VIDEO)

Actor Tristan Wilds faced off against murderous drug dealers on The Wire and (sexually charged blonde chicks) on the reboot of 90210. This past Friday on Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal improv Hip Hop show he was Mack Wilds, his R&B singer moniker which he has released a new single “Own It” under Salaam Remi’s new Sony Music imprint Larger Than Life.

In the video below, Mack explains how former The Wire co-star Felicia Pearson, who played coldblooded killer Snoop, took Mack and a few of their co-stars on a field trip of sorts through the Baltimore hoods. What transpired once the residents got a glimpse of the stars is both hilariously National Geographic-esque and alarmingly peaceful.

Check out”Own It”, Mack’s latest single off his upcoming album New York: A Love Story on his Soundcloud page.

Check out Mack explain their trip in the hood as well as the UCB comedians put on a hilarious interpretation:

Cipha Sounds Presents Take It Personal With Special Guest Mack Wilds from J. Aire on Vimeo.