Maino & Trinidad James Speak On Leaked Phone Conversation (VIDEOS)


(AllHipHop News) The issues between Trinidad James and Maino came to a head this week when a private conversation between the two rappers made its way online. During the phone discussion Maino made it clear that he felt Trinidad needed to apologize for his recent comments about Southern rap running New York.

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VladTV caught up with both Maino and Trinidad to get their responses to the leaked convo. When asked for his thoughts about the private phone call becoming public Trinidad says he is not surprised it was released.

“When you’re in the industry and you understand it for what it is that ain’t nothing new,” replies Trinidad. “Whatever the reason – whoever, if not him – put that out there for, I hope it does what it’s suppose to do for them because it don’t do nothing for me.”

After reiterating that he never meant to disrespect NYC, the Atlanta rapper shares that he is not into arguing over social media.

“I’m not about any type of  Twitter beef. I’m a real n***a,” said Trinidad. “The industry is different than real n****a life, so things get handled differently.”

In his interview, Maino responds to the audio becoming public by saying, “It could be worse. That’s a conversation. Things could go to other places.”

Maino also shares his opinion that Trinidad never offered a real apology for the comments directed at his hometown.

“His apology wasn’t an apology. It was, ‘I’m not apologizing because I don’t believe in apologies because I was speaking the truth’,” said Maino. “You came out of your truth when you offered n****s to the tar.”

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Watch both interviews below.