Martha Stewart Elaborates on Baking Relationship with Snoop


(AllHipHop News) Yesterday (April 1) the world learned more about the budding relationship between iconic West Coast rapper Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) and Martha Stewart, home decor queen.

While the two have been rumored to hang out, Martha Stewart told the Today Show that the two have recently gotten together to bake brownies.

In a portion of the show called Take 3: Two Truths and A Lie, Martha surprised viewers about their developing relationship in the kitchen.

“Yeah, I hang out with Snoop, like… he has time for me. We like to bake brownies together,” Martha told the Today Show.

As you can imagine, Snoop adds his special touch to the recipe by including his favorite ingredient and past time.

They are green, they’re green actually” Martha Stewart explained.

Check the dialogue and video below from the Today Show:

Natalie Morales: We know how you and the snoop are tight.
Willie Geist: Do you hang out a lot?
Martha Stewart: Oh yeah, I hang out with Snoop, [like] he has time for me. We, uh, like to bake brownies together.
Willie Geist: I bet you do.
Natalie Morales: What’s in those brownies?
Martha Stewart: They’re green, they’re green actually.