Master P Paid For Slain Mother Andrea Arnold’s Funeral + Benefit Concert


(AllHipHop News) Master P is looking to be more than a glorified celebrity Santa Claus for many children who have lost their parents to violence. Today (December 9th), Master P announced that he will cover the costs of the funeral for Andrea Arnold, a mother of three who was shot and killed in Louisville.

During the morning of November 30th, Arnold’s dead body was found by sanitation workers in an alley between Hill Street and West Gaulbert Avenue. As of today (December 9th), no arrests have been made. Henry McBride Jr. who owns nearby Dave’s Food Mart informed local news outlet WDRB that Arnold’s dead body is not the first found in that alley:

It’s real, real spooky. I know the people that live back there in that alley and say this is the second time they’ve found a body back in that alley.

Master P’s younger brother, Kevin Miller, was also murdered as well as robbed by a heroin addict decades ago, which Master P says in a press release is a reason for his involvement with the Arnold funeral. In a statement, the No Limit boss is calling for the Louisville community to band together to find Arnold’s murderer(s):

I’m begging the community to come together and find out who did this to
this little girl’s momma. That would be the biggest Christmas gift we could
give to her and her other siblings

Master P will  will also put on a benefit concert next Sunday (December 15th) at the Gillespie with proceeds going to buying toys and presents for other children who lost their parents to violence.

Prior to news of Arnold’s tragic death, Master P was already working on a documentary on incarceration and violence in the Black community. With some of the documentary filmed in Louisville, P spoke on his motivation for making such a documentary with local news outlet WKLY:

My mission is to motivate the next generation and to motivate these kids saying if I made it you can make it. This is not just a film or a movie. We talk about people that come from the streets. I got a brother dead, I got a brother incarcerated, so I know on a firsthand basis what’s going on.  I would like to spread the love to the kids and babies lets instill something in them of education because that’s what saved my life

Video link: WDRB 41 Louisville News