Meek Mill: I Told Kendrick Lamar I Wanted To Murder Him Before His "Control" Verse (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) We might have uncovered the origins of Kendrick Lamar’s inclusion of Meek Mill’s name in his infamous “Control” verse. During his interview on Hot 97’s The Morning Show, Meek spoke on his early threats towards Kendrick Lamar from 2011.

Around the unveiling of the XXL’s 2011 edition of their Freshman Class, Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar were on the cusp of blowing up with their respective breakout mixtapes (Dreamchasers and Section.80) months away from release. While both had very little success at the time, Meek reveals that prior Kendrick saying he wanted to murder Meek (and other rappers) on his “Control” verse, Meek was the one being honest about his intentions of a rap takeover:

What Kendrick said on that record–‘I came to murder all y’all’–I forgot, when we did the Freshman class with Kendrick, YG and them. Everybody had to say something, when they asked me I said ‘for real, I came to murder all y’all. I ain’t even gon lie,man. I ain’t gonna fake it. I want all y’all spots. So, I understand when he was coming from.

Meek explains that he has an upcoming documentary which will reveal documents of constant attempts by District Attorney Noel Ann DeSantis at revoking his  probation. According to Meek, he imparts wisdom on the youth of Philadelphia:

My biggest thing with these young kids is, ‘do you want to be a king or goon?’ Goons go to jail, they get a 100 years in jail, they get killed early. I be telling people now,  young boys in my hood, ‘you a triple O G when you take care of your mom, your grand mom, your sister, your aunt. It’s easy to kill somebody. It ain’t easy to move your momma out the ‘hood. Start from nothing.

Check out the full Meek Mill interview below: