Meek Mill Loses Constitutional Rights Case Against Philadelphia & Police


(AllHipHop News) Meek Mill has lost his a lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia and two police officers. The Philly native claimed the defendants violated his rights by falsely imprisoning him.

Cops took Meek into custody on Halloween night 2012 after they alleged to have smelled marijuana in his vehicle. No drugs were found, but Meek was still held by police for 9 hours.

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According to reports, the jury sided with the defendants but admonished both sides for their respective roles in the incident.

“Although we voted unanimously that Mr. Williams’ Fourth Amendment rights were not violated, we feel strongly both the plaintiff and defendant were in the wrong and made mistakes,” said a note jurors read aloud after the verdict.

The MMG rapper was seeking $400,000 in lost income and additional money for emotional stress. Meek was forced to cancel a scheduled appearance in Atlanta because of the police stop. He also stated that the negative attention from the situation affected his negotiations with the Puma shoe company. The deal supposedly went from $2 million to $650,000.

One officer named in the complaint, Andre Boyer, has since been fired from the police department after a police board inquiry found he violated procedures involving a case where $6,000 was seized during an arrest. Boyer was also involved in several civilian complaints.

“I just feel like [Boyer] did me wrong,” said Meek.

While the Dreams and Nightmares creator says he respects the jury’s decision, he also contends that the mostly white jury were not from where he’s from and do not really understand the history of his community’s relationship with the police.

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